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Maintenance Skills of Finned Tubes

Maintenance skills of finned tubes
1. Regularly check whether the tin-free cleaning of each fin tube is complete, whether there are deposits, coking, scales and other scales attached, and clean it immediately. At the same time, it is necessary to check whether the adhesion of each fin tube and the rubber gasket is tight, and whether the rubber gasket itself is intact, so as to avoid leakage caused by degumming and damage of the rubber gasket.
2. The compression nut and upper and lower guide rods of the plate heat exchanger should be frequently lubricated with lubricating grease.
3. Special personnel should be responsible for the adjustment of each instrument, and strictly implement the operating procedures for operation and maintenance.
4. When you need to replace the rubber gasket or repair the degummed part, you need to remove the fin tube, put it on the table, remove the old gasket, or use fine sandpaper for the glue traces in the groove of the fin tube at the degumming place Wipe it off, then use a solvent such as carbon tetrachloride or trichloroethylene to wipe off the oil stains in the groove, and then wipe the back of the new rubber gasket with fine sandpaper, and also use carbon tetrachloride or trichloroethylene solvent Wipe off the oil stains. Then apply a thin layer of glue on both the groove and the back of the rubber gasket, and let it dry for a while, so as not to stick to the fingers, but still sticky, insert the rubber gasket into the groove, flatten it around, and apply a layer of talcum powder , Then install the finned tube on the equipment frame and gently clamp it. According to the requirements of the glue manual, it can be put into production and use at intervals.
5. Every time the fin tube is re-tightened, pay attention to the position of the scale during the last pressing, and do not over-press the rubber gasket, which may reduce the service life of the gasket.
6. When replacing the rubber gasket of the fin tube, all the sections must be updated to avoid uneven gaps between the fins and affect the heat transfer effect.
Finned tubes are widely used and used in many environments. Among them, they are mainly used in industrial production. Because the factory is densely staffed, in order to ensure the personal safety of the staff, we generally need to pay attention to the following points when purchasing finned tubes problem:
1. Security
This is the most important factor. If this point cannot be satisfied, no one will use it. Those that cannot guarantee personal safety are contraband and cannot appear on the market, so generally they only need to be purchased from a formal machinery factory. It won't happen.
2. Durability
Secondly, when purchasing a finned tube, we must pay attention to its service life. The longer the service life, the lower the wear rate, the slower the replacement, and the less money. The factory definitely hopes that the less money the painting will be. Good, so durability has always been an important factor in the purchase of finned tubes.
3. Environmental protection
Environmental protection and safety are similar, but environmental protection is more about the safety of ambient air, so when choosing finned tubes, we must choose green and environmentally friendly ones, and the formal security inspection department will often check the factory processing The release of gas and waste water from time to time, so don’t choose cheap ones because of the cheap price. Once the problem is found, you will face the serious problem of fines and closure of the factory.
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