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Causes and Solutions of Heat Exchanger Fin Tube Leakage

Causes and solutions of  Heat Exchanger Fin Tube  leakage
The heat exchanger has many advantages. It has a wide range of uses and significant effects. However, for various reasons, such as improper installation or aging of gaskets, heat exchange equipment will also encounter problems during use. To different problems, the leakage problem is often encountered by users
1. Reasons:
(1) The clamping size is not good, the size is uneven everywhere, or the clamping is loose.
(2) Part of the gasket is out of the sealing groove, there is dirt on the main sealing surface of the gasket, the gasket is damaged or the heat exchanger gasket is aging.
(3) The  Heat Exchanger Fin Tube  plates are deformed, and the assembly misalignment causes the running pad.
(4) There are cracks in the sealing groove of the plate or the second sealing area.
2. Treatment method:
(1) In the no-pressure state, re-clamp the equipment according to the clamping size provided by the manufacturer. The size should be uniform, the deviation of the compaction size should not exceed ±0.2N (mm), and the parallelism between the two compression plates should be Keep it within 2mm.
(2) Make a mark on the leakage part, then disassemble the heat exchanger and investigate and solve it one by one, and reassemble or replace the gasket and plate.
(3) Disassemble the open  Heat Exchanger Fin Tube , repair the deformed parts of the plate or replace the plate. When there is no spare part for the plate, the plate at the deformed part can be temporarily removed and then reassembled for use.
(4) When reassembling the disassembled plates, clean the plate surface to prevent dirt from adhering to the gasket sealing surface.
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