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How to Choose a Round Extruded Aluminum Heat Sink Profile With Small Longitudinal Fins

How to choose a finned tube radiator
1. The working pressure of the finned tube radiator should meet the working pressure of the system and comply with the current national product standards;
2. Civil buildings should adopt finned tube radiators with beautiful appearance and easy to clean;
3. Industrial buildings with high requirements for dust emission or dust prevention should adopt finned tube radiators that are easy to clean;
4. For industrial buildings with corrosive gases or rooms with high relative humidity, corrosion-resistant finned tube radiators should be used;
5. When using steel finned tube radiators, a closed system should be adopted and the product's water quality requirements should be met. The heating system should be filled with water for maintenance during non-heating seasons;
6. When using aluminum finned tube radiator, internal anti-corrosion aluminum finned tube radiator should be used, and meet the product's water quality requirements;
7. Choose a regular finned tube radiator manufacturer, with better after-sales guidance and installation, technical support, easy heating, and peace of mind.
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