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Method for Controlling Deformation of High Frequency Welding Finned Tube Machine

Method for controlling deformation of high-frequency welding finned tube
The high-frequency welding finned tube has shown its own superiority in many aspects. In the process of welding, it is necessary to control its deformation to ensure product quality and achieve a good heat exchange effect. It is usually based on the actual measurement of the deformation analysis of the tube bundle by the computer, using the compiled program to carry out the simulation calculation, and propose the following measures to control the deformation:
1. Strictly control the quality of the high-frequency welded finned tube, and strictly manage its straightening process to ensure that the straightness of the tube is within 1mm/m.
2. The tube box and high-frequency welding finned tube are optional and combined. Specifically, it is necessary to measure the initial deflection of the finned tube and the tube box one by one, and combine the numerical value and direction to classify the finned tube and the official box. Then, according to the deformation law in the welding process of the fin tube and the official box obtained by the simulation calculation, the fin tube and the official box are correspondingly assembled.
3. In the process of assembling, it is necessary to use a self-made special positioning fixture to keep the distance between the high-frequency welding fin tubes basically the same, and then spot welding and positioning.
4. The next step is to use a computer to calculate a suitable welding process method. Usually, the welds of the high-frequency welding finned tube and the official box are welded in two layers, and each row of the welds on the official box is from the middle Symmetrical jump welding to both sides, the four rows of welds on the upper and lower pipe boxes are switched symmetrically, and the layer welds are cooled before the second layer welds are welded.
In fact, the tube bundle structure often undergoes various deformations after the welding process. Among them, the deformation that easily causes quality problems mainly refers to the flexural deformation, especially the flexural deformation of the finned tube. Therefore, if you want to improve the quality of high-frequency welded finned tubes, you need to take corresponding measures to control the amount of deformation. According to the above improvement measures, the quality of the high-frequency welding finned tube will be further improved and the deformation will be reduced.
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