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Maintenance Method of Longitudinal Finned Tubes

Maintenance method of Longitudinal Finned Tubes
1. Carefully check the protection measures of the fin pipeline to ensure that it is not damaged and reduce the corrosion on the surface of the pipeline. If corrosion is found, clean the pipe surface in time.
2. The operating mechanism of the valve must be derusted frequently and operated regularly to ensure the flexibility of its operation. After rust removal, you must pay attention to check to see if the valve is stuck.
3. The safety valve and pressure gauge should be wiped frequently to ensure that the sensitivity is correct, and check on time. If contaminants are found, they must be removed in time.
4. Regularly check the firmness of the fastening bolts to ensure that the fastening bolts are intact, non-corrosive, and the fastening is complete and reliable.
5. Pay attention to the vibration of the pipeline. If abnormal vibration is found, vibration reduction measures such as cutting off the vibration source and strengthening the support must be taken. If friction is found, measures must be taken immediately.
6. Electrostatic jumpers and grounding devices must maintain good integrity, and if damage is found, repair them in time to ensure the stability and safety of the circuit power supply.
7. Please take out the internal medium from the stopped fin tube, replace, clean and dry, and protect it with inert gas as needed. Please pay attention to the external protection of the paint and ensure that the insulation material of the insulation tube is clean to avoid corrosion of the fin tube.
8. Check the contact parts such as pipes and brackets. It is easy to corrode and wear, and immediately take measures when problems are found.
9. Eliminate the running, leaking and leaking phenomenon of the pipeline system in time.
10. For high-temperature pipelines, when heating starts, it is necessary to heat and tighten the fastening bolts of the pipeline flange. For low-temperature pipelines, cold tightening should be performed during the cooling process.
11. It is strictly forbidden to use pipes and brackets as anchor points and support points for lifting welding zero wires and other tools.
12. Assist the fin pipeline inspector to inspect the pipeline regularly.
13. Longitudinal Finned Tubes, roads, bridges, railways, rivers, finned tubes spanning residences, finned tubes for conveying explosive, toxic, corrosive media, tubes with strict working conditions, and alternating loads in important parts of the production process The pipe should be maintained and inspected.
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